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Air conditioning logo. I just turned mine on for the first time this year; it’s starting to get very hot again…

The Blue Lotus, Hergé (1936)

Year of the Dragon 2012

The Blue Lotus, Hergé (1936)

Lunchtime on a shoot. McDonalds do motorcycle deliveries.

Mock interior of the 200-seat Chinese Comac C919 airplane at Shanghai’s Aviation Museum. Deliveries will start in 2016. Ryanair looks like being a major customer.

Typhoon Muifa heading towards Shanghai - category 2 due to hit Sunday morning.

Mmmm pot noodle.

On way to Jin Shan Beach, passed a bullet train.

Every morning I get a weather text report: Friday was a beautifully sunny day with a top temperature of 36C. A perfect day for driving over to Jin Shan Beach for a shoot.